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Incredibly heartbreaking and tragic.

Life is so unpredictable. It breaks my heart that these two young souls we’re taken this way, with no time to say goodbye.

R.I.P and praying for the members and families to find strength and comfort in knowing they are in a better place. 


happy 22nd birthday ♡

Sungjong once said this ‘I want to have that kind of charisma that will make all the fans around the world fall in love with me.” and I honestly think that he already succeeded in this. I mean during these years he showed a lot of his side to us. We all know that the he can be very cute but at the same time very sexy. And he really changed a lot since debut. And finally after 3 years he got some invidulal project so we can see a lot more of him from now on. I mean he is obviously getting better as the MC of Super Idol Chart Show and he got his first individual photoshoot too. Hopefully he will get a lot more in the future since he is clearly interested in modeling and obviously he is a great model. Anyway I could go on a lot more why Sungjong is great and why do i love him but I better stop now. But really, he deserves every good thing in the world ;;


I was never a fan of Ladies Code but I feel so petrified and out of words about Go Eunbi’s death. It’s such an unfair way to leave this world for a girl who is still young and has so many things to give. This is the first time hearing about an idol passing away and it just reminds me for one more time that IDOLS ARE HUMANS TOO. I don’t know why I feel so emotional right now.. 


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That shit was hateful and just fucked up.

Bom <3

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